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Need advice on acupuncture treatments in London?

If you’re feeling low or are suffering from back and muscular pain, then acupuncture could be the right treatment for you. For first-time patients, visiting an acupuncturist can seem a little daunting as they are unsure of what to expect. To help you feel confident about this treatment, you’ll find some of the basic practices that are involved in acupuncture sessions at Rachel Peckham Acupuncture.

Offering you a personalised
acupuncture treatment plan

When you first come to the clinic, you will be given an initial consultation to determine your overall health. This will include questions regarding the condition you are thinking of using acupuncture to treat, as well as some general questions about your health and any medical conditions that you may have.
As a starting point, your radial pulse will be measured and your tongue will be examined. Once done, I can decide on the best course of action and develop a tailored acupuncture treatment plan for your own individual needs, before moving on to the first treatment.

Acupuncture therapy procedure

Depending on the problem area as discussed in the initial consultation, the treatment will consist of using between three and six acupuncture points. The most commonly used acupuncture points are located on the lower limbs and back as standard.
Needles will be placed in these areas and you may feel either a tingling or a dull ache in the vicinity of the needle, this is perfectly normal and should be no cause for concern.

When can you expect to feel results from acupuncture?

Results vary from individual to individual, but as a generalisation, it’s usually after five or six treatments that the majority of patients notice an improvement in their condition. However, some people could feel the effects after only a couple of sessions, or for others, it may be after seven or eight treatments.

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